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Our customers and how they've shaped our plan

We asked you what you want from our services and built our plan for 2020-2025 around what you told us matters most to you.

A huge thank you to over 400,000 customers who helped us to shape our thinking.

How did we reach out to customers?

We discussed our plan with our customers using:

  • Events and workshops
  • Our Have Your Say online forum
  • 'Flo', our mobile engagement vehicle that our teams took right into the heart of our neighbourhoods to have conversations with customers

Listening every day

These conversations aren't out of the ordinary.

We talk to our customers every day and what they say helps us prioritise where we focus our time and investment.

Join our Have Your Say Forum to get involved:

Northumbrian Forum Essex & Suffolk Forum

Our Outcomes

We are resilient and provide clean drinking water and effective sewerage services; now, and for future generations.

Our drinking water is clean, clear and tastes good.

We always provide a reliable supply of water.

Our customers tell us we provide excellent customer service and resolve issues quickly.

Our customers say our services are good value for money and we work hard to keep water and wastewater services affordable for all.

Our customers say they feel informed about the services we provide and the importance of water.

Our sewerage service deals with sewage and heavy rainfall effectively.

We help to improve the quality of rivers and coastal waters for the benefit of people, the environment and wildlife.

We take care to protect and improve the environment in everything we do, leading by example.

We are an innovative and efficient company.

Our finances are sound, stable and achieve a fair balance between customers and investors.

We are proud to support our communities by giving time and resources to their important causes.

We work in partnership with companies and organisations to achieve the goals that are most important to our customers.

Our customers say we are a company they trust.

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